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Janet Somerville on Martha Gellhorn

November 01, 2021 Mark Cirino, Von Cannon, and Janet Somerville
One True Podcast
Janet Somerville on Martha Gellhorn
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Join us as we welcome Janet Somerville, author of Yours, for Probably Always, for a fascinating discussion about Martha Gellhorn.

Gellhorn is most often remembered and depicted as Ernest Hemingway's third wife, but she was also a novelist, war correspondent, activist, and iconoclast. Somerville guides us through the life of this trailblazer: her childhood in St. Louis, a close relationship with Eleanor Roosevelt, that notorious first encounter with Hemingway in a Key West bar, her tumultuous life during and after her marriage to Hemingway, and her formidable writing career. 

Listen for clips from the audio book of Yours, for Probably Always, with readings performed by Emmy and Tony-winning actress Ellen Barkin.  

So pull up a chair at Sloppy Joe's and enjoy the show! 

Introduction (with Ellen Barkin reading a letter from Gellhorn)
Writing about Martha Gellhorn
Gellhorn's childhood in St. Louis
Gellhorn as a writer
The beginning of Gellhorn's relationship with Hemingway
And the years before their marriage
From doting letters to the breaking point
Ellen Barkin reads a letter from Gellhorn to Hemingway
Gellhorn, Hemingway, and the Roosevelts
Gellhorn's legacy